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A lost dog

Instructions: Do the preparation exercise first. Then do the other exercises.


Put the animas into the correct groups



Wild animals

task 1 Image description

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Here is a poster for a lost dog.

Lost dog


2 years old, female

Help us find our dog. Lost in Central Park near Blue Lake Café on Monday 10th June at 4 p.m.

€500 reward for safe return

444 31 02 55 68

Task 2 Check your understanding: true or false

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A lost dog

Are the sentences true or false?

1. The dog is lost.

*True * False

2. The dog’s name is Kira.

*True *False

3. The dog is a female.

*True *False

4. The dog was lost on Monday morning.

*True *False

5. The dog was lost in Central Park.

*True *False

6. There is a reward for finding the dog.

*True *False

Task 2 Check your understanding

Task 3 Do this exercise while you read.

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A lost dog

Complete the lost dog report.


Dog’s name:
Date dog was lost:
Time dog was lost: 
Place dog was lost:
Money offered for finding dog:

Task 3 Check you understading

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Do this exercise while you read.

A lost dog

Correct the mistakes in the sentences.

1. The dog is called Berry.
The dog is called _____________.
2. The dog is five years old.
The dog is _____________.
3. The dog was lost on Tuesday.
The dog was lost on _____________.
4. Kira is a male dog.
Kira is a _____________ dog.
5. Kira was lost on 10th July.
Sherry was lost on _____________.
6. Kira was in Central Café.
Kira was in _____________.

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