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Help others, help yourself

Listen to the radio interview with two young volunteers and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.


Do the preparation exercise before you listen. Then do the other exercises to check your understanding.


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Help others, help yourself

Match the verbs with their collocations.

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Match the verbs with their collocations.

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  1. to do

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to volunteer

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to overcome

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to deal with

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to gain

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to meet

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to organise

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to share

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Task 1 Check your understanding

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Help others, help yourself

Put the activities in the correct groups.

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Task 1 Check your understanding

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1.  Marathon running

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2. BMX biking

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3. kick scooter

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4. parkour

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5. football

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6. cricket

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7. table tennis

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8. skateboarding

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9. modern dance

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10. tennis

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Task 2 Check your understanding

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Help others, help yourself

Read the questions and chose the correct answer.

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Task 2 Check your understanding

Read the questions and choose the correct answer

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1.Liam says that Parkour is ...

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2. Liam’s main job is …

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Which area did Liam not have training in?

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4. Why did Debbie volunteer the second time?

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5. Which sport did Debbie not volunteer to help with?

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6. Debbie and Liam both say that …

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A project management meeting

Listen to a project management meeting to practise and improve your listening skills.


Words, contractions and expresions
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1. …… to collaboratea. a benefit that a company’s products or services provide to customers
2. …… a value propositionb. something that a person has agreed to have ready by a specific time
3. …… to work crossfunctionallyc. someone who has an interest in the success or failure of a project or product
4. …… a deliverabled. to work together with others in order to achieve something
5. …… a timelinee. a project schedule
6. …… a stakeholder f. to work with people from different divisions or departments

Task 1

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Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.

  1. The project is important because …
    a. it will improve what the company is offering the customer.
    b. it involves working with people from other departments.
    c. the head office is closely following its progress.
  2. Matteo is concerned about …
    a. communication in the team.
    b. taking on work that they have little experience of.
    c. not having time to work on the project.
  3. Akiko is the best person to do the customer survey questionnaire because …
    a. she normally handles the company’s marketing initiatives.
    b. she has worked with John on similar tasks.
    c. she has studied the subject.
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  4. Matteo initially asks for …
    a. paid overtime.
    b. an assistant.
    c. a reduction in his targets.
  5. John’s immediate response to Barbara’s offer to help Matteo is …
    a. enthusiastic.
    b. not entirely positive.
    c. a definite no.
  6. It’s important that Matteo does the designs because …
    a. a client has asked specifically for him.
    b. no one else knows how to do them.
    c. he has the software to do them at home.

Task 2

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Put the words and phrases in the correct order to make longer phrases.

  1. get good clear to It’s this
  2. up It’s to you
  3. all have a lot you I know on
  4. this your help appreciate on I really
  5. to do So, the need first thing we is the questionnaire
  6. to but I’m already I’d love up tied
  7. moment I’m at overloaded the
  8. OK. We’ll out it It’s work


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