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What do you do?




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-What do you do?

-I’m a football player

-Do you live with your parents?

-No, I don’t.  I live with my wife Nikki and our 2 children Robert and Tammy

-Does your wife work?

-Yes, she does. She’s a singer

-Do you go to her concerts?

-Yes, of course if I don’t have a football game

-Does your wife like football?

-No, she doesn’t She prefers shopping.

Telephone numbers

Write the following telephone numbers


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-A. what’s your telephone number?.


-sorry can you repeat that please?

-yes, of course 9206614

-B. what’s your telephone number?

-6996 700

-Sorry, can you say that again please?

-yes it’s 6996700

-C. What’s your telephone number?


-337 8090?

-no, it’s 3379080

-Thank you

-D. What’s your telephone number?


-Thank you.

-E. What’s your telephone number?


Asking for information

Write the information of the person interested in French


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– Good morning language international can I help you?

– Yes please I’d like some information about one of your language classes

– Yes, of course what language are you interested in?

– French

– can we send you the information by mail?

– Yes, that’s fine what’s your first name please?

– Jody that’s J. O. D. I. E.

– and what’s your last name?

– Rowlands

– can you spell that please?

– R. O. W. L. A. N. D. S.

– what’s your address?

– 27 country road

– and what’s your telephone number?

– 3665725.

– Is that your home number?

– Yes, it is

– do you have a work number?

– yes I do it’s 5526380

– sorry, can you repeat that please?

– yes sure. 552638 what class are you interested in?

– the intensive business French class

– okay, I’ll send you some information about the class thanks a lot good bye

– bye.

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